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Human Technology Foundation created in 2012 is a foundation but also a research and action network placing the human being at the heart of technology development. For them, these technologies are also part of the solutions for building a society that is more respectful of everyone.

The Human Technology Foundation network has several thousand members and operates in Paris, Montreal and Geneva. Indeed, if most technologies are neither good nor bad in themselves, they are not neutral either: they carry an intentionality and a vision of the human being that must be questioned. From this perspective, the Human Technology Foundation is striving to put technology back at the heart of social debates.

We support companies in the management of their ethical decisions

Technology is more essential than ever to bounce back, but it raises new ethical issues that need to be closely managed to obtain the best economic and social added value. Some technologies present ethical risks because of their nature, the data they collect or the populations for which they are intended. Examples include facial recognition, personal data management, admission control, employee productivity monitoring and the use of AI to support teams.
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Running a company that develops or uses cutting-edge technologies is both an opportunity and a challenge: not to let the negative externalities of these technologies harm users, employees or society. Lab.222 projects stimulate the development of ethical technologies "by design": from the first sketches to deployment, thinking to create value based on values. In order to accompany entrepreneurs on this sometimes perilous path, the teams within Lab.222 propose an innovative method of co-construction of tools for steering ethical innovation "by design", as well as training and practical workshops.

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