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Éric Salobir is the guest of the 23h de franceinfo. He comes back with a keen eye on the relations between Donald Trump and the major digital players he met.

What do the big bosses of digital and new technologies think of Donald Trump, he who must be the biggest twittos on the whole planet. "I can't reveal anything, but I feel what a lot of people feel in the United States and throughout Europe, is that a president who pushes the limits a bit and risks fracturing the democratic system. Even if he isn't re-elected, the system will have a hard time recovering," says Eric Salobir.

Is he the opposite of all the Gafas (web giants) that are involved in promoting artificial intelligence? "The gap is not only with Silicon Valley, it is also with academics who have distanced themselves from the American executive. We don't always recognise in the debate as we see it in the United States the sparkling side that we're going to find in conversations with those who make technology and build the world of tomorrow," admits the author who wrote the book the God and Silicon Valley.

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