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7th Economic Summit - Challenges




At a time when the new containment was being imposed, was it necessary to postpone our traditional Economic Summit, scheduled for December 3? Or on the contrary, should we take advantage of this event to celebrate the "spirit of resistance" shown by entrepreneurs and employees, teachers and caretakers, and globally by all those French people who are not resigned to the damage caused by the pandemic? At Challenges, we naturally decided not to give up. And to present to you under its facets (see programme) this economy which is fighting, and which before inventing the "day after", wants to triumph over the "day after". The 7th Summit of the Economy will therefore take place, with this engaging title "The Resistance fighters".


A Hybrid Challenges

Summit inaugurated a new concept of hybrid event, tested before the summer at the Start-up and Innovation Summit: the speakers meet on a physical stage, allowing more lively exchanges than video-conferencing debates; and the thousands of participants, registered free of charge, gather in a digital room with unlimited capacities and new functionalities. In addition to following the debates, they will be able to ask their questions to the various speakers via digital means.

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