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"Tech in the midst of a crisis of faith" - France 24

The "deus ex machina" of innovation have become the fallen angels of The "deus ex machina" of innovation have become the fallen angels of "privacy", and yesterday's believers are today's most fervent critics: the digital is losing its bearings. But how can we regain some digital serenity? Have we placed too much hope in technology? Have we sold our souls to the devil by becoming captive to the platforms? Answers with a man of church and innovation: the geek priest Eric Salobir, author of "Dieu et la Silicon Valley" (Éd. Buchet-Chastel).

Hearings in the US Congress, new regulation on track at the European Commission and antitrust charges in the making. Big Tech is in the dock. Guillaume Grallet, from the magazine Le Point, deciphers for us the latest news that nails the platforms to the pillory, from Europe to the United States.

Welcome to the future! Singapore will become the first country to use facial verification for its national identification system. From taxes to banking, 4 million citizens will have secure access using their faces as passwords. But between biometric "verification" and "recognition", is the city-state playing with words... and freedoms? Report.

And in our Test24 sequence: Connected beauty starts in the bathroom! Oclean Air 2 is the quietest electric toothbrush on the market. Between ultrasonic signals and magnetic charger, it wants to be the hi-tech ally of oral health.

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