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"Digital · All connected, all chained?" - Thomas More Institute


The development of digital technologies is now having an impact on all areas of private and collective life: in the economy, in social life, in democratic life, in the international order, in medicine and biology as well as in the secret of our intimate lives. Taking the measure of this revolution before our eyes is an imperative for everyone.
But in order not to be either a spectator or a slave to an ever-increasing technological hold, we must ask ourselves the right questions and provide the right answers: to what personal and collective morality should we subject this great upheaval? What ethical limits and what political and legal rules are necessary? How can we preserve our fundamental freedoms? How can we preserve our democratic principles?

On these and a few other issues, we will be happy to discuss with:

  • Éric Salobir: Dominican friar, founder of the Optic think tank, author of Dieu et la Silicon Valley (Buchet-Chastel, 2020)
  • Olivier Babeau: Founder of the Sapiens Institute, author of Le nouveau désordre numérique (Buchet-Chastel, 2020)
  • Cyrille Dalmont: Associate Researcher at the Thomas More Institute, author of the report La personnalité juridique numérique (to be published)


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