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"Edition 9 - God & The Sillicon Valley" - Challenges

Join the 9th edition of Challenges Series: France Vs. Silicon Valley :  

" GOD & the Silicon Valley - The Silicon Valley from every angle: ethical, cultural and spiritual

• After the global health crisis, what is the current situation of the global epicenter of innovation ?

• Is Silicon Valley still inventing and for what purpose ?

• How have Facebook and the new American tech giants transformed the ecosystem ? For good or bad ?

• Do the valley's start-ups still want to make the world a better place, or simply to enrich their shareholders ?

• How can we restore meaning to this allegedly virtuous model ?

Join us on January 13th 2021 to hear from two inspiring speakers:

- Father Eric Salobir is known as the “geek priest” & author of “God and Silicon Valley”.

- Doctor Luc Julia, CTO and Senior Vice President of Innovation for Samsung Electronics

- Gilles Fontaines, Editor in Chef at Challenge's "

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