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Real revolutions and false promises: the reality of technology today - France Culture

We are pleased to share with you the interview with France Culture: "Real revolutions and false promises: the reality of technology today".

You can find the content directly on their website: France Culture.

"At a time of technological revolutions, "Now" looks at how humans live with them in practice, what new dimensions they give to real life, by crossing the approaches of a sociologist, Céline Lafontaine, and a priest and consultant, Eric Salobir.

There are technological revolutions today, for example in digital or biological technology, artificial intelligence or "bio-objects". But instead of endlessly discussing their future promises or dangers, let's look at their real effects, right now! Instead of speculating on transformations, raising hopes or fears and even panics, let's look at how they work, socially, economically, before seeing how to respond ethically, politically. Let's look at how humans live with these objects, let's put the actors of these transformations in contact with the other dimensions of our lives. This is what Céline Lafontaine, as a sociologist of concrete science, 'bio-objects' and living humans, and Eric Salobir, as an economist of new technologies, founder of a think tank, but also a priest and Vatican adviser, are doing, in a very different way but with the same concern. Let us no longer speculate on the future, but build the present.

With Céline Lafontaine, professor of sociology at the University of Montreal, author of Bio-objets: les nouvelles frontières du vivant (Seuil, 2021) and Eric Salobir, priest of the Dominican Order, founder and president of the Optic think tank, a research and action network for new technologies, and author of Dieu et la Silicon Valley with the collaboration of Sven Ortoli (Buchet Chastel, 2020)

Credits: France Culture"

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