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Report on digital identity

New study highlights policy design principles to maximize benefits of digital identity

The Human Technology Foundation (HTF) and the Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC) today released “Policy design principles to maximize people- centered benefits of digital identity”. 

This report highlights the latest research, analysis and lessons learned about the ongoing development of digital identity strategies. The report further offers a set of policy design principles to help guide the optimal development and implementation of digital identification policies by governments, institutions and private sector entities.  

It offers 3 core policy design recommendations for decision makers, which are then declined into concrete measures:

  • Digital identity policy must be people centered. 
  • Digital identity policy must foster empowerment. 
  • Digital identity policy must encourage trust through governance. 

“Digital identity is a solution to societal issues. For instance, an effective protection of minors requires their identification and the supervision of their access to online services and content. This cannot be done at the expense of the strict respect for privacy. Thanks to the principle of data minimisation, digital identity meets this challenge”

said Eric Salobir, President of the Human Technology Foundation.

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