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Research Papers - Technological Revolution

Publication of the work of three research groups.

The HTF network, whose experts have been meeting and dialoguing together for several years, presents for the first time to the public research results via three white papers that are disseminated at the conference.

The subject of these publications is :

- Blockchain, au défi de la confiance (pdf)

- Big Data et santé prédictive, predicing the future of health (pdf)

- Pouvoir régalien et algorithmes, vers l'algocracie ? (pdf)

Blockchain, the challenge of trust

This technology, currently known to support the Bitcoin virtual currency, makes it possible to keep an unalterable record of commitments, documents and contracts. In the long term, it would make it possible to partially dispense with the banking system, notaries and the land registry, and offers many opportunities in terms of sustainable development and support for displaced populations, but also presents strong systemic risks.

Big data and predictive health - predicting the future of health 

The collection of health data to support a diagnostic experiment is as old as the creation of the first hospitals. However, the mass of data processed and the new capabilities offered by artificial intelligence now open the way to predictive medicine, or even selection. While the short-term benefits seem obvious, what are the impacts on patient freedom, the responsibility of the doctor, and the solidarity of the insurance and health systems?

Regal power and algorithms, towards algocracy

In the digital space, algorithms are everywhere and increasingly present in the sphere of public action (school guidance, public health, etc.). In a deteriorated security context and in search of greater efficiency to guarantee its authority, the temptation is great for the State to resort to such tools at the very heart of the regalian sphere of Justice, Police or National Defence.

We invite you to download these documents, read them and share them. 

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