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Viva Technology "What does Ethical AI mean for companies?" ✨

Eric Salobir, President of the Executive Committee of the Human Technology Foundation, spoke alongside Marie Guillemot, Chairwoman of the Board of KPMG France, and Gilles Moyse, CEO of reciTAL and author of "Donnerons-nous notre langue au ChatGPT" to discuss the topic of strong and ethical AI governance for companies across all sectors.

Key takeaways from these fascinating interventions:

The different pillars for strong AI governance are transparency, responsibility, and ethics. This ensures that AI systems are developed and used responsibly and beneficially for society.

The impacts of AI on businesses: Perspectives on how AI is transforming the world of work, the opportunities AI creates to improve productivity and efficiency, as well as the challenges to overcome, such as task automation and the need to reskill workers for the jobs of tomorrow.

Technological sovereignty and diversification of solutions: The importance of maintaining technological sovereignty or "strategic autonomy" in Europe. A more sovereign approach helps reduce over-reliance on a single technology, particularly American technologies, while creating a more resilient ecosystem that can adapt to rapid market changes. In other words, finding a balance to support "French Tech" and the performance of companies to be market leaders.

Marie Guillemot, Eric Salobir, and Gilles Moyse all emphasized the need to place humans at the center of these transformations to better understand the true needs of clients and employees. By integrating human dimensions, companies can ensure that the AI solutions they implement are not only effective but also aligned with the values and expectations of individuals.

"Placing humans at the center means being able to understand the real needs of clients and employees [...]" - Eric Salobir

A big thank you to KPMG France for this invitation 🙏

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