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Covid19: App or Lockdown ?

Willingly or unwillingly, the coronavirus forces decision-makers to... decide what is best for everyone's health or freedom. The debates on tracing apps and the use of data thus illustrate a fundamental trade-off for a democracy: what is acceptable?  To what extent should our lives cease to be private in order to better preserve them? And should we build and strengthen our digital sovereignty to secure our populations and economies as quickly as possible?  The covid19 has emerged in a world that is much more digitalized than it was during previous pandemics, and much less so than it will be in the next ones. It is one of our assets. But like any remedy it is also, potentially, poison. We must measure this danger and reduce it within the overall ethical framework we wish for our society. Hence the need to speed up the implementation of new modes of governance of algorithmic devices and data, especially in the field of health, both nationally and internationally. This is the spirit of this forum co-signed with Eric Salobir in Le Figaro, and one of the works we are carrying out with the Human Technology Foundation and its partners.

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