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AI and Fashion Event, June 20th

The Human Technology Foundation is delighted to invite you to its next event dedicated to the theme "Fashion and AI: Challenges and Innovation Perspectives," which will take place on June 20th from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM at 222 rue du Faubourg St-Honoré 75008 Paris.

Artificial Intelligence systems (AIS) are revolutionizing the luxury industry, offering unprecedented opportunities in creativity, customer experience, and operational efficiency. This event aims to explore the implications of AI systems in the luxury sector, focusing on the environmental impact of their use and sustainable innovation perspectives.

The luxury industry is inherently linked to the notion of exclusivity and rarity, which can make it hesitant to adopt mass technologies. However, AIS provide unique solutions to address the sector's challenges, such as personalization, trend forecasting, design, and sustainability.

We are pleased to have the exceptional participation of:

Eric Salobir, President of the Executive Committee of the Human Technology Foundation,Dr. Alberto Fabio Ambrosio, Professor of Theology and History of Religions, Luxembourg School of Religion & Society & Co director of "séminaire Écologie de la mode : vers de nouvelles vertus" of the Collège des Bernardins Grimaud Valat, Partner, DTMV Avocats, Raul Cruz Bonilla, VP EMEA Luxury and Fashion, Imki Tech,Marc Gourmelen, Founder of MADE in AI.

See you soon,

The HTF Team

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