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Our Report on Generative AI Systems

Since the launch of ChatGPT by OpenAI, generative AI systems (Gen AIS) have attracted a great deal of interest, offering opportunities to optimize organizations' activities while raising ethical questions. Faced with rapidly evolving technologies and regulatory uncertainty, the Human Technology Foundation has set up a French-speaking working group to assess the impact of these systems. The group brings together 76 contributors from 38 international organizations to map the positive and negative impacts of AIS, organize them into a practical taxonomy, and develop best practices.
Deliverables include a mapping of 167 use cases, a taxonomy of impacts, and a prioritization of significant impacts, notably on the environment, skills and productivity. The first phase, from January to June 2024, defined these elements. The second phase, starting in June 2024, will set up a permanent working group to keep a constant watch on technology and standards.
The project stands out for its pragmatism, its multi-stakeholder approach, and its all-inclusiveness, emphasizing responsibility and practical ethics. Gen AIS offer a variety of use cases, but also present significant ethical and practical challenges.

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